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See how businesses in many industries use Spin to engage and communicate with their audiences.

Chef On Call

Restaurant Digital Menus

Gabe Malbogat

Our customers love our menus because they're big, bright, and legible. We love them because they're easy to update and affordable. I only wish we had switched over sooner!

Digital Menus

Chef on Call uses Spin.io Digital Menus to produce clean, legible menus that improve customer satisfcation and help drive sales.

University of Waterloo

Student Engagement

Jordan Mandel
Creative Media Instructor

I rely on Spin in my job at the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus to create a dynamic and rich digital environment for our students. Between our 10-metre tall Christie MicroTiles display and the other digital displays around the campus, I'm able to include social media, videos, photos, artwork, and can manage all of my designs extremely easily. The students love the results, and I love being able to incorporate suggestions and continually iterate on my designs with so little effort.

Christie MicroTile Video Wall

Made up of 150 Christie MicroTiles, this video is over 10 metres tall! Located at the University of Waterloo's Stratford Campus, it's central to the digital media facility's student engagement strategy.

Accelerator Centre

Digital communications

Clinton Ball
Director, Client Programs & Initiatives

We have Spin.io to thank for a big boost in our content engagement. Our Slack-powered social media wall has become a central means for communication between clients, staff, and visitors. We can't wait to see what new apps get released!

AC Graduates Kiosk

This interactive kiosk uses the Media Player app to let visitors check out the growing list of awesome companies that have graduated from the incubator.

Visitor Sign-in System

The sign-in system lets visitors browse a CRM-integrated directory to get in touch with the individual they're looking for.


Digital Menu Boards

Cafe O Digital Menus

Cafe O is a popular spot for OpenText employees to eat and hang out. With Spin.io, Cafe staff can easily update menu content from their desktop or mobile devices. Menus are buit with compliance with Ontario's Healthy Menu Choices Act.


Video Walls For Events

Amaris Gerson
HackerNestKW Lead Organizer

HackerNestKW uses Spin.io to create engaging, socially-driven digital content for our events. We are able to highlight our sponsors, upcoming events, our past successes and best of all - the Twitter Wall! This allows our attendees to interact with others and be part of the action. Everyone loves it and our events just wouldn't be the same without Spin.io

Slideshow and Tweet Wall

Hackernest brings tech communities together with social events that have taken off around the world. Their Spin-powered presentation / twitter wall is always a popular attraction that gets people talking, tweeting, and sharing beers.

Home Hardware

Digital Pricing Boards

Lumber Desk Pricing Menu

One challenge for Home Hardware is to display the most recent pricing for a variety of products on the sales floor. Spin makes it easy to update and display information for tens or hundreds of products.


Digital marketing and communications

Alex Kinsella
Digital Community Manager

We use Spin.io to manage our displays, touch screens, and Christie MicroTiles to effectively communicate with our many resident companies. We love how quick and easy it is to make changes, and their support has always been top notch. Thanks Spin.io!

MicroTile Video Wall

This beautiful arrangement of Christie MicroTiles communitates important information like news, events, weather, and photos from the Communitech community.

Sherwood Systems

Digital product promotion

Digital signage for products and services

Sherwood Systems offers many products and services for music and stage production. They use Spin to collect and display video advertisemets to their customers, increasing sales and product awareness.

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