Slack Portal

Use your existing Slack account to publish a customizable list of channels to your viewers.

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Instant updates

Slack activity is published immediately to the app so users see your latest updates right away.

Customizable channels list

Choose which of your Slack channels will be published to the app so you can keep your private data safe.

Content moderation

New Slack messages can be optionally moderated before being published to the application. Great for situations where the public is posting to your channels.



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Choose 1, many, or all of your Slack channels for your viewers to consume.

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Use Cases

Information kiosk

Provide quick and easy access to important information organized by category.

Social media wall

Leverage Slack's integrations like Twitter and Facebook to create a well-organized, moderated social media wall for events.


Community board

Publish relevant announcements, job postings, events, and more to high-traffic locations.

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