Media Playlist

Play a customizable set of videos, images, and documents. Use online services like Google Drive and Dropbox or upload your own content.

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Users can browse and select videos from the playlist, enter full screen mode, and pause, play, and seek through active media.

Supports popular formats

Media Player supports videos, raster and vector images, and documents including MP4, AVI, JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, and PDF.

Offline support

Assets can be loaded from local drives to save bandwidth and minimize the effects of network downtime.



Google Drive

Sync videos and images directly from any folder.


Sync videos and images directly from any folder.


Use any channel, playlist, or search query to populate your playlist.

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Use Cases


Give brands the attention they deserve with place-based image or video ads.

Retail sales

Increase sales by engaging your customers with product information, promotions, and other important content.


Employee communications

Keep your workforce informed with content for teams, departments, and the entire company.

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