Spin Apps
Beautiful content for any display

Our apps make it easy to engage, entertain, and communicate with your digital audience.

Digital Menu

Showcase your products, services, and pricing on any display.

Customer Feedback

Collect valuable feedback from your customers so you can improve your business.

Media Playlist

Play a customizable set of videos, images, and documents. Use online services like Google Drive and Dropbox or upload your own content.

Media Feed

Display the latest social media, news, events, articles, and messages from your favourite online services like Slack and Twitter.

Visitor Sign In

An interface to allow guests to register and send notifications to desired parties. Contacts can be synced from popular services like Active Directory and Full Contact.

Slack Portal

Use your existing Slack account to publish a customizable list of channels to your viewers.


Wrap several Spin apps in a customizable interface for a more in-depth digital experience.

Our app library is always growing!

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Key Features

All of our apps are built with some key features in mind, so the management experience is simple and consistent across all apps.


We focus on simple, intuitive experiences that allow the user to engage with your content in their own way.
  • Touch
  • Mouse / Keyboard
  • Gesture (coming soon)
  • Voice (coming soon)

Custom Branding

Customize the look and feel of your content to match your brand.
  • Apply to one or many apps at once
  • Create custom reusable themes
  • Schedule theme changes


Every user interaction is logged in detail so you can see how people engage with your content.
  • Events reported live to Spin CMS
  • Optional feedback form for the end user

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